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Re: AO-40 Hi Gain Antenna covers?

In a message dated 12/29/00 9:11:07 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
stefan@pilot.msu.edu writes:

<< Are they part of the antenna design or just covers? Just curious and eager
 to learn :-)
 Thanks for the input.
 73... Stefan
>From what I understand the cream colored covers are just that, covers.  They 
are made of a very high quality RF approved material and used on AO-40 for 
thermal protection to keep sun light reflected by the dishes and horns from 
focusing light
energy and burning up the dish feed elements and some part of the horns.   
Stan Wood - WA4NFY was the antenna man on the project and could probably tell 
you everything you ever wanted to know about them.  I've included this and 
many of the other subtle details of the bird on the model kit of AO-40 
available through AMSAT-NA, AMSAT-DL and AMSAT-UK.  Like you, I'm curious 
about all the parts of the bird and like to know what they do.  Have fun.
73, Steve
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