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Re: STS PLUS under Win2k

Hi Jens,

At 01:31 29/12/2000 +0100, you wrote:
>STS PLUS under Win2k....
>Have ANYONE made the above kombination work usably.
>This simplistic program seems unable even to read the time correctly.
>Is there any way of forcing it to actually use the time settings I have 
>just entered into it :-)))) ?
>Or is it just that the time has finally run out for dos programs?
>I HAVE read the DOC-file about Win2K, but here the author mentions a 
>command that Win2K does not recognice ("CLR"), Oooops.

The little clock problem that had caused headaches under NT  has slipped 
into SOME Win2k installations..  Not all, just some.  I had 4 systems here 
where I was testing STSPlus and STSUpdat and tried to find were and why, 
but could never find it.  I am writing it off as one of those Microsoft 
glitches.  The temp fix for this problem is hit "F9" for the DOS prompt and 
then type "DIR" and then hit ENTER.  Once that is done type "EXIT" and hit 
ENTER and you should be back to STSPlus with the proper time.

I have updated the Win2k document and I have it as a HTML at 

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