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Re: STS PLUS under Win2k

>From: KC7ZRU - Casper <kc7zru@arrl.net>
>To: "Jens H. Jensen" <topcat@hardware.dk>, AMSAT <amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org>
>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] STS PLUS under Win2k
>Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 09:02:11 -0700
>FWIW, I'm running STSPlus under W2k Pro here at work just fine. No
>probs. Even the 'F11' auto kep update feature works just fine.
>What'd I do to make it work?
>Nothing, that I know of. Unzipped to it's own directory, created a
>shortcut that was set to run 'full screen' and away it went.
>I did setup a sub-dir for the kep sets though. Made that change in the
>file setup - but that minor detail shouldn't make any difference.
>Sorry, not much help for ya

I have had NO PROBLEMS with STSplus under W2K indeed I havent had any 
problems with w2K period (knock on wood) except for my DSL line which we 
fixed.  The key things with STSplus are to unzip it to a special directory 
AND then make sure all the pathwyas in the program (one of the F keys) point 
to that directory.  I had a tad of problems with that because all the 
computers here sync up to GPS so we all have the same time but that was 
merely some pathway problems.

I was curious if anyone has found an EASY way of outputing tracking data 
from STSPLUS to a port...I've done it using hte print function but thats a 
little messy.

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