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Re: RS-13 in mode KT?

on 12/29/00 10:50 AM, Estes Wayne-W10191 at Wayne_Estes-W10191@email.mot.com

> Last night I made my first satellite contacts on my new FT-847.  I always
> thought LEO satellites were "too much work" with my old FT-726R and manually
> steered antennas.  I still have manually steered antennas, but tracking VFO's
> make it much easier to work SSB/CW LEO's.

Congrats, Wayne!  Great job!

> I made two SSB and two CW "Mode T" contacts on RS-13 last night between about
> 0330 and 0345Z.  I was surprised to hear a Japanese station on the 2m
> downlink.  I wasn't in the AO-10 footprint, and the signal was too strong to
> be AO-10.

Well, what possibly happened is that a Japanese station on 15 meters was
being picked up by the satellite.  There have been many studies of over the
horizon satellite work done on RS-13 using ionospheric skip to get the
signal to the bird.  When the bird was in mode KT, many guys tried and
successfully made contacts this way.  Can't really do it in just mode T
though since the other station will never hear the downlink.

> Is RS-13 transmitting on both 10 meters (Mode K) and 2 meters (Mode T)?  I
> can't think of any other explanation for this.

It doesn't need to downlink on 10 meters.  You weren't listening on 10
meters, but two meters.  The JA was probably just CQing or in a QSO on 15
meters unaware that he was getting into the bird.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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