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Re: STS PLUS under Win2k

FWIW, I'm running STSPlus under W2k Pro here at work just fine. No
probs. Even the 'F11' auto kep update feature works just fine.

What'd I do to make it work? 

Nothing, that I know of. Unzipped to it's own directory, created a
shortcut that was set to run 'full screen' and away it went.

I did setup a sub-dir for the kep sets though. Made that change in the
file setup - but that minor detail shouldn't make any difference.

Sorry, not much help for ya


"Jens H. Jensen" wrote:
> Hi.
> STS PLUS under Win2k....
> Have ANYONE made the above kombination work usably.
> This simplistic program seems unable even to read the time correctly.
> Is there any way of forcing it to actually use the time settings I have
> just entered into it :-)))) ?
> Or is it just that the time has finally run out for dos programs?
> I HAVE read the DOC-file about Win2K, but here the author mentions a
> command that Win2K does not recognice ("CLR"), Oooops.
> I just LOVE those computers!
> Too bad we have to run Software on them to make them work :-)
> 73 de OZ1LRG, Jens

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