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Re: AOR AR5000 sensitivity on S-band

Hello Jens,

 > Does anyone here have personal experience with this receiver for satellite
 > work?
Yes, but not satellite of the earth, satellite of the moon. Check this URL.

Of course, I have succeeded to receive signal from other amateur
satellites on S-band such as UO-11, DO-17 and AO-16 with
homebrew preamp and offset DSB dish of 450mm in diameter.
I haven't tried S2 beacon of AO-40 yet, but sure it will work.
I think the sensitivity and other specification of AR5000 is good enough
for amateur satellite use.

I also enjoy some experiments with this versatile receiver with features
such as; any IF band width can be selected regardless of receive mode.
It has a direct detector output and an external high stability frequency
reference input which controls all internal VCOs.


73 de JA6SNK

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