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RE: Another view

> Anyhow, we have had QSOs with people in Japan, the UK, 
> Australia, Hawaii and

Hmm, haven't got an outlet in VK3, unfortunately. :-(  Would love to have
that sort of access!  It's a bit like wormholes revisited, only that now we
can send voice through it as well. :)

> Sure the QSOs don't count for anything, but I tell you what, 
> I've had fun
> with it and so have most of the folks on the repeater.

IMHO, that's the most important fun.  Like the time when all of my 10m DXing
was done by accessing the 70cm side of our local 10m repeater. :)

> telephone lines why can't we link people and repeaters and now even
> satellites over the internet?

Exactly!  Landline linking is a technique that's mentioned in the ARRL
Handbook, back at least as far as 1988.  So we've had plenty of time to get
used to the idea. :)

> Sure, I prefer a complete RF path if at all possible, but 
> sometimes, you
> gotta make do with what you can.

Agreed, and sometimes, it's simply "best tool for the job".
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