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Re: What birds?

Hi Jerry. This is Yoshi.

At 2000/12/28 06:06:11 Jerry Felts wrote:
> I've ordered a FT-817 and of course I have not got it
> yet. hi hi Anyway when I get it I will have HF, 6m,
> 2m, and 432. I also have hf thru 2m rigs right now.
> I'm just wondering what birds I can get on when the
> FT-817 comes in. I'm so out of date and got to catch
> up.

  How much output power is the 2nd HF-2m rig?. But anyway, you
can try it with almost all of Analog Sats.

Mode-T (21-Up,144-Down)  : RS-13
Mode-A (145-Up,29-Down)  : RS-15 (Active?)
Mode-B (435-Up,145-Down) : AO-10, SO-35
Mode-J (145-Up,435-Down) : UO-14, AO-27, FO-20, FO-29

  I do not know well about Digital Sats. But most of them can
use with 145/435 combination I think.

  A few days ago, I bought an IC-821 (Japanese domestic 20W model
for beginner-class) that was on sale at $800. It will take 2 or 3
weeks to renewal my station license that allow to use it (*1) so
Now I am using my FT-817 with it for Uplink. 5W Uplink power is not
enough for AO-10 or SO-35 (*2) , but works fine for FO-29 or RS-13.

*1 : We Japanese hams have to apply a renewal of station license
     when we add, remove or modify any of transmitter. Usually it
     takes 2 or 3 weeks and $15-25 cost for each application. FCC
     style simple license system not yet come to us... :<

*2 : At the South-East Asian area, 145 and 435 uplink freq was
     occupied with commercial communications. Most of them are
     illegal but some of them are not (because some of Asian
     country does not assign 145 or 435 for Hams). For example, I
     can uplink SO-35 mode-B with only 2W and 4ele beam if there
     is not QRM from them, but usually they are too much strong.
     We have to uplink with High-EIRP to wipe them out. But 5W is
     too small ... :<  (Our legal limit is 50W except EME)

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
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