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Clarification on PACSAT Archive data locations

When accessing the data, you must use the method described in the
previous message. The directory PACSAT does not physically exist.
It is a logical assigned to the CDrom drive and the upper level directory.
By executing the commands as they were suggested, you will have
access to the data. If you use your browser and select the up a directory
line, you will not see the others. You will be looking at the actual ftp
default directory.

However, you're welcome to look at the files in there as well, since many
of them are amateur related. If you choose to go back to the PACSAT
logical, you must specify such. You will not have an access via clip
and point with the mouse until you are in the correct directory. Once
you see the satellite names, you can then proceed normally down the
directory hierachry and back up till you hit the satellite names once
again. One more selection of moving upward will put you back into the
ftp default directory.

This was the easiest way to provide the cd to the internet without
changing the system ftp defaults. I hope this clears up any questions
on accessing the data you might have.

Reid Bristor,  WA4UPD

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