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AO-40 S Beacon Reception Notes

Hi All,

Since control was regained of AO-40 it has been transmitting on the S2 MB
beacon only. The published frequency of 2401.350 is not correct, ... the
actual frequency of this beacon has yet to be calibrated. However, from
various reception reports it would appear that a frequency between
2401.322 and 2401.328 seems likely (without Doppler). The 2401.305 value
published in ANS was the command station's frequency on the dial (i.e. with
Doppler for that station at that time).

>From the three orbits that we have telemetry for, it is clear that the only
chance of receiving AO-40 S2 MB is from MA16 to MA32, ... that may mean
getting up late at night, or very early morning. Reception outside of this
part of the orbit will be very unlikely given the antenna pointing angles.

>From the archive here are the good capture results:

Orbit 71 - 187 CRCC OK A Blocks, 2000-12-26 17:00:54 - 17:54:20 UTC MA 20 to
Orbit 72 - 128 CRCC OK A Blocks, 2000-12-27 11:34:59 - 12:52:25 UTC MA 16 to
19, MA 24 to 33
Orbit 73 - 130 CRCC OK A Blocks, 2000-12-28 06:33:01 - 07:34:46 UTC MA 16 to

This was ALL that the best could get for the complete orbits! Same results
for 3 orbits, nothing different today!

Also remember that this is a 19 hour orbit, with an apogee at 60000km, the
bird doesn't spend much time close to home.

Paul Willmott, VP9MU

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