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Re: Crystal Ovens

At 04:56 PM 12/28/2000 -0500, Douglas Braun & Nadia Papakonstantinou wrote:
>Does anyone know of a source for reasonably-priced crystal ovens
>that would fit a HC/18 crystal and run on 12 volts?

Company:  http://www.isotemp.com/
Oven for HC/18:  http://www.isotemp.com/m43.htm
Not sure whether they are small order friendly.  They do list local reps as 
well as factory sales ph# and email addresses.  You could send email & ask.

Hamtronics sells something that looks very similar to these.  I no longer 
see a picture of such a thing on the hamtronics web site, but I think it is 
still there!  Go to http://www.hamtronics.com/ and look at the catalog page 
for "P4 T301 VHF Exciter" or "P8 Crystal Controlled VHF&UHF 
Exciters.  (Unfortunately they have their catalog set up so you download it 
a page at a time.)  Down at the bottom of the p4 is a "TCXO Option" for 
$40.  I'll bet this "option" is indeed one of these little 
slip-over-the-crystal ovens.  On p8, it is called the "OV-1" option.  I 
believe that is same part number I ordered from them several (uh .. 10?) 
years ago.  The item I got from them looks very much like the thing shown 
on the Isotemp web pages.

Good luck!

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