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PACSAT TLM Archive Status

The PACSAT TLM Archives are now on line and available over the
internet. They can be obtained by issuing the following commands:

	Via your browser:

		URL    ftp://bristor-assoc.com/pacsat

	FTP Utility:

		Login User: anonymous
		Password: Your e-mail address

		Then change directory to PACSAT

The above commands should provide you with a directory of satellite
names. Under each satellite name, you will find additional directories
reflecting call signs. Some of you might even recognize your call. The
data was compiled and sorted according to the call of the individuals
that made the submissions.

The file format under each call directory are zipped files that contain the
following (usually) format:

	Filename = mnddhhmm.nnx

	mn = Month
	dd  = day
	hh  = time in hours
	mm = time in minutes
	nn  = Satellite (Ex, 18 = WO-18, 19 = LU-19, etc.)
	x    =  Data type, A = Ascii, R = Raw, etc.

You will probably find some WOD data within these. WEBESAT data
will probably contain picutres. If you have the correct program you can
display these pictures on your comuter screen.

Hopefully some will find this data handy or useful. I do not know if the
present version of TLMDEC will read this data, but the original version
was used to display this data both off-line and while on-line during the
data capture.

Again, hope this is useful and that the access works out fine.

Reid Bristor
Bristor Associates
URL:	www.bristor-assoc.com
Phone:	(321) 254-1265
FAX:	(321) 253-1162

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