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RE: Re: Just My Opinion

> Given that a controlled e-mail list already exists, I would strongly
> suggest that this list ought to continue in its current form.

In my opinion, moderation tends to stifle discussion, because of the delays
inherent in the moderation process.  As it is, it takes long enough for
messages to go through.

If there's something I don't want to read, I have a delete key.  Good enough
for me.  One thing that peeves me is those whiners who take the trouble to
write a private email to say "I don't like what you're posting".  Well,
there are a couple of those on here, and you know who you are (you either
got no reply, or if you were lucky a polite set of directions ;) ).

The only whining I want to hear is from the jets landing at the airport. :-)
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