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RE: Another view

> Technically it could be done ... BUT would it would not offer 
> any legal 
> QSOs for any awards. Why not just use your cellphone to call 
> a DX ham for a 
> QSO. It is essentially the same thing. Whereas if the contact 
> went from the 
> ham station to a satellite then to another satellite down to 
> the DX ham 
> that is a direct over the air contact [via a series of space 
> based repeaters].

Well, such QSOs are "legal" enough for my purposes.  They originate on ham
radio, they can be made from anywhere (within reach of a satellite).  I
couldn't give two hoots whether some award manager would accept them, as I
don't chase awards at all.  Oh, and the system is something developed by
hams, and gear cann be home brewed. :)

Sounds good enough for me!
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