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Re: Big ears listening for AO40

Bob, et al.,

bruninga@usna.edu writes:

> I finally found some time to fire up the 12m (40') dish to see if I could
>  hear AO40 at apogee.  I used Ken's KEPS below, and did a conical
>  search out 5 degrees in 3 Khz steps from about - 10 KHz to about + 
>  10 Khz from expected DOppler from 2401.305 and heard nothing at
>  60,000 km.

I confirm the same lack of signal here in EL29.  I got up at 1000 for AOS at 
50,000 km and could not confirm a signal, nor several hours later at 60,000 
km.  I heard the same (unfortunate) report from KB2WQM and PT9KK this 
morning.  We will continue to monitor as the bird gets closer over the next 6 
hours.  It appears we may have favorable range and squint by 2200.  We are 
all using "little" ears.  I believe Jeff has a Myers dish and Luciano and I 
both have 16-turn helices.
Jerry, K5OE
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