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Re: Another view , yet another

Jon Ogden wrote:
> on 12/27/00 11:39 PM, sco@sco-inc.com at sco@sco-inc.com wrote:
> > Technically it could be done ... BUT would it would not offer any legal
> > QSOs for any awards. Why not just use your cellphone to call a DX ham for a
> > QSO. It is essentially the same thing. Whereas if the contact went from the
> > ham station to a satellite then to another satellite down to the DX ham
> > that is a direct over the air contact [via a series of space based repeaters].
> Leslie,
> Perhaps not.  But then there are other ways to work DX.  I'm not a huge fan
> of internet linking, but I think this is a minor problem.  And the rules can
> always be changed.  Satellites are repeaters and they operate cross band.
> Both no-nos in terms of normal DX QSOs.

Seems to me that we should be less worrying about whether we will be getting any
special paper in the mail for our contact and instead thinking about actually
making the contact at all ...

And it only shows guys , that you don't do any microwave qso's , as most
terrestrial qso's above 432 need to be "scheduled" otherwise you may -never-
talk to anyone , so I suppose that isn't -real- amateur radio? 

The bottom line is , internet linking works and works very well , as the IRLP
network is proof of , so its through the internet ? , whoop-deedoo , maybe we
need to all go back to spark-gap days , cuz damnit thats the only -real- amateur
radio, right ?!?! :^P

Get a grip guys , its a way of solving a problem and again is a very workable
solution to a unique problem , "how do we link a bunch of transponders without a
bunch of money" , and let me tell you , if 47 repeater owners in areas from
St.Johns Newfoundland to Hawaii can cooperate and make it happen (IRLP) , why
can't amsat ? , well we can , its just a matter of deciding our priorities and
coming up with a solution , do we want a massive system up in the air that will
only be to a small extent dynamic , or do we want to have a large amount of the
linking terrestrial, so that we can upgrade and alter when we think necessary ,
I for one opt for linking down here as it will give us more control , should
there be any "unforseen issues" that may pop up :^}

Anyway , I don't expect my opinion to mean much , as I don't get as much
"airplay" as the "experts" and others who fill this list , nor do I proclaim to
have any credentials other than a highschool diploma from the school of hard
knocks , so take my words as you may , but just remember I wished my opinion to
be heard for the sake of consideration and only that ........


Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
Spokane IRLP node 145.250 owner
Registered Linux user # 188922
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