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Re: AO-40 squint angles (now and in the future).

Hi Gerald,

You can get the ALON/ALAT data from a few places.  Sometimes the ANS
bulletins include the info.  The values of 261/2.2 came from an email I
received on the 12th December:

>        Amsat-Oscar-40 First 400N Motor Burn
>        -------------------------------------------------
>The burn will take place on orbit 51 at MA 255  which is
>2000 Dec 11 [Mon] 1603:50 utc and lasts for 184.32s.
>The attitude is alon/alat  261.0/2.2 at 8.75969 rpm.

The info is also often included in the telemetry from the satellite.  Even
if you can't copy the satellite directly, you can still extract the info
from the archives, as follows:

1.  Use a web browser to view the directory at

2.  Select the latest directory, currently:

3.  Download an archive file.  For example:

4.  Open the zip file, and try viewing the "A block" file.  Eg
You should be able to view this file with Notepad.exe or wordpad.exe etc.
Inside this file, amongst the hieroglyphics, you'll find information such as:
>A  HI, THIS IS AMSAT OSCAR-40       2000-12-12  07:06:34  #00C0 
>| S2 MB 2401.350 MHz on MA 16-30. Attitude 263/0 moving 270/0  |

Even better though, download Stacey Mills' P3T program, from :

Read the Help file carefully.  You can place the .tlm files from the
archives into the telemetry directory, and then "replay" them, so that you
can see all the telemetry known at that time...  just like the controllers
themselves!  More information than you can poke a stick at.

I hope this helps somewhat.

73 Chris vk6kch

At 22:53 27/12/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>As a new-comer, where do you get these attitude (Alon, Alat)?  I checked the
>AMSAT verbose elements and it was not there.  I have inserted your
figures, but
>wonder, in the future, where new attitude figures would be found.
>73 Jerry N5GPC
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