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Re: Re: [sarex] ISS Transmissions

on 12/27/00 11:16 PM, Hamish Moffatt at hamish@cloud.net.au wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 27, 2000 at 11:02:16PM -0600, Jon Ogden wrote:
>> That is true.  But at the same time it creates a potential mess.  What
>> happens if we get this thing built and two of the involved parties go to
>> war?  It kind of reminds me of the possible scenario that took place in the
>> movie 2010.
> Good question. Hopefully the ISS might help to avoid a war between
> Russia and the USA. It seems very unlikely these days (although
> that could change within 10 years).

True.  But what if war were to break out with like Russia and Japan or
Russia and Germany or even the US and Canada?  :-)

None of it is likely at all, but still it makes one worry.

>> Necessity is the mother of invention.  We've not needed such a craft.  The
>> Russians did.
> Without the Russians, resupply of the ISS would be costing a bunch more
> then. I wonder how much a Progress flight costs (given that the vehicle
> is not reusable) compared to a shuttle mission? So I think this is a big
> positive for Russian involvement -- resupply missions will always be needed.

Well, as we have been told, the progress doesn't hold much.  But blame the
US space program for this one.  We should have and probably still should
develop a resupply ship.  I think having all our eggs in one basket with the
shuttle is a big mistake.

> Unfortunately, Australia is not involved at all, which is pretty poor.

Yeah, bummer.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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