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Re: now this could be a new way to raise funds..

Can't do it.  Violation of the Amateur Service Rules at least in the USA.
As soon as money starts changing hands to send a signal it ain't amateur.
Plus it is outside of the scope of amateur radio as well which is to
communicate between two or more stations.  The only one way beaconing that
is allowed is specifically amateur related, telemetry related, propagation
beacons or the rebroadcasts of space related stuff from NASA.  All other one
way broadcasts are prohibited.  So we'd break two rules.  Again, these are
USA rules.

Since there are commercial outfits that do it, that meets the purpose.
Amateur radio service is not intended to be a substitute for what can be
done commercially.

YMMV depending on the rules of your country.  I would want no part in this.



on 12/27/00 10:47 PM, Timothy Vermette at tvermette@sk.sympatico.ca wrote:

> I got this off of Spacejobs.com
> Encounter 2001 also allows people to transmit personal messages out to the
> cosmos. The company's Ad Astra service, priced at $299, features the
> transmission of a personal digital message, which can include photographs,
> biographies, and tributes.
> They claimed to have sent 40000 messages so far.. How about getting one of
> you EME guys with a 16 antenna array to fire off some messages.. All
> proceeds go to AMSAT.. do it for say 50 bucks a pop.

Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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