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Re: Re: [sarex] ISS Transmissions

>From: "Louis A. Mamakos" <louie@TransSys.COM>
>This wasn't a design problem; it was due to damage during the Skylab-1
>mission launch.
>On a related topic, I'd recommend the book "Dragonfly: NASA and the crisis
>aboard Mir" by Bryan Burrough which covers the various US missions to
>Mir.   Also interesting is "Off the Planet: Surviving Five Perilous
>Months Aboard the Space Station Mir" by Jerry M. Linenger, one of the
>US astronauts.

I have my copy of Dragonfly signed by all the American Astronauts that went 
to Mir and Wendy Lawrence who should have gone.

Capt. Linenger has also signed his book for me...

Robert Oler WB5MZO Houston TX

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