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Re: Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

At 20:25 -0500 12/27/00, sco@sco-inc.com wrote:
>>In general, ham radio mailing lists seem to be veritable *swamps* of email
>>viruses. Many hams seem to run Outlook "because it came with Windows", and
>>whatever comes down the pipe that their virus checker doesn't catch (if they
>>*have* a virus checker) they end up spreading all over the place.
>>And when a ham belongs to *one* list, he probably belongs to three or four...
>Easy solution ...get rid of Microsoft Outlook and use Eudora Pro 
>with your Norton virus checker.
>Mine works everytime. I feel sorry for those who use Outlook [it is 
>so full of security holes for viruses].

Is it EVER!  ;-)  Glad someone else has noticed this -- sometimes I 
feel like I'm 'vox clamatis in deserto' ..

Outlook has one major gaping security hole I know of:  it opens 
attachments automatically, when the message is opened, and executes 
any VBS scripts it finds.  Normally this is a good thing, because it 
allows people to send you cute animated stuff with lots of fancy 
client-side functionality, and the multimedia folks love this, so 
Microsoft caters to them.

HOWEVER .. this also allows people who know how to write malicious 
VBS scripts (witness the Love Bug which was written by some very 
bored kids in .. Philippines, was it?  Malaysia?  Can't remember 
now.. anyway, there are some very clever and wicked people out there 
who can think of all sorts of nasty ways to hijack Outlook's 
auto-execute system and completely wreck a Windows machine.  Eudora 
is much more conservative about what it will and won't open -- it 
won't let you auto-open attachments, and it is very good about 
warning you when you're about to download, open, or run foreign and 
potentially malicious code.  It's also good about telling you exactly 
what it's doing (you can watch it send POP and SMTP commands as it 
receives and sends mail) and why -- Outlook is seriously deficient in 
this regard as well ..

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