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Re: Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

well, i have been watching this thread for several days now. 

first of all, virus alerts should be provided by the virus protection program  
author that you are using. if you update your program weekly, you should be 
pretty safe. i use pegasus mail and it allows me to open the vb script and 
examine it before i actually tell it to run. i have looked at all these virus scripts 
and they are really nasty and comical if you read their comments in them.

someone posted that they never got a warning about the virus. well, within 2 
minutes of the virus being sent to my machine from another ham friend, i 
looked at it and reposted a message to our local club server saying it was a 
virus. in that short amount of time, my friend got the original message and 
opened it before reading my message. he uses norton antivirus and eudora. 
it executed and that was the end of his machine. no recovery possible and 
had to reformat the hard drive and reinstall software. this is the second time 
this same chap has been hit with a virus and each time i have asked him if he 
has a back up. his reply is always the same. ya, from the last time when i 
installed everything.

so...the jest of the story...

protect your system from a virus to the best of your ability and don't rely on 
someone else to tell you one is on its way. 

next we are going to hear from someone that has a cable or dsl modem 
saying they have been hacked because they didn't have a firewall and they 
didn't know that they should have. if you have a computer and you want to 
keep it safe, do all you can to do so. buy a firewall. cheap...software 
version...expensive...hardware version. buy a virus protection program. 
norton antivirus, mcafee, dr. solomon, or pc-cillin (what i use simply by 
personal preference). then buying the virus program is not that last step, it is 
the first step. now, you have to set it up to automatically update the virus 
signatures daily or weekly. if you don't do that then the virus program is 
running with broken arms and legs and won't do you a bit of good because 
you are not going to get a virus from something that came out 2 years ago, 
you are going to get something that was just created.

i am off my soap box now and kindly return you to the satellite forum.


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