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Re: Another view

> I think it would be easier to do the satellite-satellite relaying on
> the ground. Iridium's direct satellite-to-satellite relaying is
> directly responsible for the high cost and complexity of those
> satellites relative to Globalstar.
I agree. A network of ground-based relay stations can provide the
intersatellite links. If a 2000 km orbit is used the number of relay
stations required to acheive world-wide coverage can be fairly small.
> >digital, but a channel or two of NBFM access would provide backwards
> >compatibility so that no one is left out of phase 4. Right now we have
> >classes of satellite users -- those on FM LEOs because of low cost and
> >on AO-10 who want to work DX. Almost all of the AO-10 users have
> >transceivers that support FM so this would allow universal access.
> If we can produce an inexpensive digital ground station, and I think
> we can, then I'd rather save the money and complexity that analog
> backward compatability on the satellite would require.
I'm sure that a digital transceiver can be built as cheaply as existing dual
band FM transceivers. However, it is important to have an existing base of
users to communicate with during the first few years that the satellites
would be in orbit.



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