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Re: AO-40 Telemetry Archive Updated

Dear All,

> The SEU is reading wacko 

There is nothing wrong with the SEU:
The SEU was configured for 3-Axis mode. It's now
set to SPIN mode and all sensors apperar to be OK.

> The EPU
> and LIU read as ON as does the general
> beacon but the power reading and pressures
> do not read at all. 

The INSTRUMENTATION Power was Off, so no
valid pressure readings..

EPU and LIU were also turned off in the meantime.

Instrumentation was briefly turned on, there
was no loss in Helium high pressure.

> The solar array deployment is read as ARMED.   
This must be a faulty reading.. on P3-T they
all say closed/off. Clearly they did not opened,
otherwise with the current spin rate they would
fly away..

> It is most significant that it was chosen apparently
> NOT to power up the LIU at all, even for pressure
> readings.  They are clearly being very conservative.

The LIU does not need to be turned On for pressure reading.
This is just done by the "Instrumentation Power".

73s Peter

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