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RE: Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

>Reply-To: <wb5rue@arrl.net>
>From: "Kevin Muenzler, WB5RUE" <wb5rue@arrl.net>
>I have had this come from a total of eight different mail systems so I doubt
>that the person who sent it to you did it intentionally.  This virus reads
>recent mail that you have received and your address book and sends a copy of
>itself to everyone on the list without you even knowing it.  So this person
>probably doesn't even know he/she has the virus so go easy.  I've been
>keeping track of the source servers and scanning incoming mail from the
>lists.  Each time I find a mail server that matches someone on the list I
>send him a warning that he might be infected.  So far I'm 5 for 5.
>Kevin, WB5RUE

I have had it sent to me over four times from this list {amsat-bb was in
the header} and a few times from MoonNet.  One of the latest was in French?
 I identified it being from: "ha,ha,ha".  Just now as I got my mail, there
was an no-subject, no-originator attachement "OEHCAFOE.EXE" which I deleted
without opening.  I could not discover the originator.  

Normally when there is an outbreak there are warnings being circulated, but
not this time?  Wonder why?  I hope those who are better at tracing such
are succesful in routing out the culprit {or at least warning innocent
sources and halting the spread of the virus}.


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