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Fwd: PSK31 Sked AO10 pse

>From: "Tony AB2CJ" <ab2cj@nais.com>
>Moe Wheatley has released a new Satellite version of his WinPSK program.
>He's modified the AFC ( 20hz / second) to keep up with doppler which does a
>great job with AO-10. The software also allows full duplex operation so you
>can see your downlink print while transmitting. Of course your soundcard
>needs full duplex capability for it to work. If anyone would like to see the
>software in action via AO-10, I can send a screenshot.
>Anyone for an AO-10 sked PSK31 mode ?
>Download WinPSK http://www.qsl.net/ae4jy/


Good deal.  I haven't upgraded my psk sw since the first version came out
two years ago.  I wonder if there is info on what soundcards are supported?
 My new DELL P3-866 comes with a Soundblaster 64V PCI card {hasn't arrived
from Santa, yet}.  It will be interesting to see if it and the OS, Win2000,
will run some of my DOS soundcard applications.  

If not, I can still use the old P100/SB-16 ESA "clunker" ;-)  Definitely
interested in trying psk on sat.


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