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Re: Re: [sarex] ISS Transmissions

>From: Bruce Paige <kk5do@amsat.org>
>Reply-To: kk5do@amsat.org
>To: Robert Oler <cvn65vf94@msn.com>
>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Re: [sarex] ISS Transmissions
>Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 11:05:18 +0005
>you mean when east meets west there is a conflict. heehee. no, ... would
>never believe that would happen in space, there is no borders. guess there
>is a line down the middle and you stay on your side and i'll stay on mine.

If you live in Clear Lake dealing with the Russians is well not the most 
pleasant thing going on.  While I want to go into space I wouldnt go up on a 
space station where even though I was in command...there were two of them 
and one of them was needed to fly the return vehicle (grin).  The Russians 
act like they are somebody when in effect they are nobody in terms of the 
space station.  Their stuff is technological junk.  Its about like their 
fighter planes...they look the part and then you get to fight against them 
and fly them and you say "UHHHH kludge" but its the best that their 
technology can do.

Some of their stuff is "entertaining" but in the end the only real marvel of 
it is that they did so much with so little.  Sorry I am not one of these 
folks who admires Russian technology.

Robert Oler WB5MZO Houston TX

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