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AO-40 squint angles (now and in the future).


It was just pointed out to me that tracking programs which calculate
squint angles for AO-13 will be off by 180 degrees for AO-40,
since the directional antennas are on the "wrong" end of the satellite.
Now I understand why I could hear the beacon this morning, but not
this afternoon!

But in the future, when AO-40 is 3-axis stabilized, how will the
users deal with squint angle?  Will the satellite be stabilized
so that it is always pointed exactly at the center of the earth?
If so, tracking programs will need a different squint angle calculation
algorithm (but not an especially complicated one).  But if AO-40
needs to be off-pointed for one reason or another, how can the
relevant attitude data be disseminated to users, and how will
tracking programs use it?


P.S.:  Somewhere in the last few days I saw a close-up photo of the
S2 antenna. I can't remember if it was in QST, the Amsat Journal,
or some Web page.  Anyone have any idea?  (It's the antenna with a row
of holes in it.)

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