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Re: AO-40's S-band antenna(s)?

Thanks for the info.  So, assuming that AO-40's attitude
has not changed over the last couple of weeks, I would expect
decent reception for squint angles from zero to maybe a bit over 90 degrees,
right?  Anything higher than that, and I would expect the signal to be blocked
by the S/C body.

BUT, I was getting great reception for about an hour after the satellite
rose this morning, when the squint angle was (theoretically) about 160
degrees!  Right now, with an angle of 104 degrees., I cannot really
hear anything.


At 12:08 PM 12/27/00 , you wrote:
>In a message dated 12/27/2000 11:46:49 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
>dougnad@BellAtlantic.net writes:
> > What antenna is AO-40 using for S-band?  Is there an omni as well as a
> >  directional antenna?  The article on AO-40's antennas at www.amsat.org
> >  does not talk much at all about the microwave antennas...
>S2 xmtr is using a quadrafillar helix mounted on the same side as the 
>hi-gains.S1 will use a small dish.
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