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PACSAT TLM Archive Status

Well, I have been able to move the old PACSAT telemetry files from the
previous system and put it on my development system. As a result, I
have also managed to burn a cd with all the data.

As stated before, there is about 400mb of data. However, not all the data
is what I had hoped, but I'm sure many will find it useful and interesting.
There also appears to be some WOD data, but it is mixed in with the rest
of the raw data.

I will try to make the cd available over the internet. When I am successful,
I will let this list know and then those who are interested can 'have at it'.
Whe I have made it available, I will also provide a small readme.txt file
as to the layout of the cd directories and the actual data file names. If
there is a problem with making it available, I will make an effort to put it
on the AMSAT FTP site under its own directories.

Reid Bristor
Bristor Associates
URL:	www.bristor-assoc.com
Phone:	(321) 254-1265
FAX:	(321) 253-1162

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