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Re: AO-40 Beacon

Yes it helps.

this spin modulation that everybody that copies telemetry has noticed,  is
only temporary? My guess is that because they need to orient the Satellite,
they are spinning it to maintain the attitude, whereas, once it  is in its
final orbit it will be three axis, reaction wheels stabilized and it won't
spin anymore?
Does anybody know if this is true?


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> on 12/27/00 10:41 AM, Jose Mihotek at jmihotek@viewsonics.com wrote:
> > Where on the spacecraft is this Helix located?
> Let's see...
> It's on the same side as all of the high gain antennas, 400 N motor, etc.
> According to the drawings from the AMSAT Journal, it is located just
> one of the V band antennas and in between the L-Band dish and the S1 band
> dish.  It is in the middle of one axis that is formed from one of the
> corners to the C-band dish to the 400 N motor to the S2 band antenna to
> another corner of the satellite.
> Does this help?
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