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Re: Receiving AO-40 S telemetry at AOS+approx 1 minute.

As AO-40 rounded Earth (MA=2) this morning Dec 27, I received
strong telemetry on S 2. The signal was heard shortly after
AOS (1120 UTC) using latest Norad Keps. The P3T Byte
counter rolled and telemetry was logged. Frequency = 2401.289+/-.
The signal strength was comparable to that on the AO-40 2 mtr
beacon prior to the mishap but only while the s/c rounded the planet.
This is no doubt due to the squint angle. As the s/c moved around
to MA=4+, the signal was still audible but faded below capture level
for this station. 

The setup is an IC 970 with the Icom 2.4 Gig module, a 30 inch
dish with an offset home brew feed horn and 30 ft of 9913.

The dish pointing angle was +/- 7 degrees for signal capture.
Al   NX2Q

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