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Re: Mode S downconverter

The total cost for the Parbolic downconverter, power tee and shipping is
2,300SK.  The Yahoo currency converter makes that $242.59 as of this morning.
A month ago it was $174 and would have been a steal.

David Reinhart

Michael Pfeuffer wrote:

> At 09:58 PM 12/26/2000 -0500, David Reinhart wrote:
> >Down East Microwave is now accepting orders for a Mode S downconverter
> >with a 144MHz. IF.  The gain figure is about 20dB and 1 dB noise
> >figure.  Prototypes in a non-weather proof enclosure available now,
> >weather proof production models after the first of the year.  Price for
> >the production unit is $200.  Lots better price than the converters SSB
> >Electronics is selling.  Performance figures seem acceptable to you
> >folks?
> >
> >David Reinhart
> I've been hunting around the web for such an animal as well.  The DEM unit
> looks promising.  FWIW, I also ran across a Swedish company at:
> http://www.parabolic.se/hamradio_amsat.shtml
> HEMT input / mast mount / DC via coax
> Data
> Input: 2400-2404 MHz*
> Output: 144-148 MHz
> Noise figure: max 1,0 dB (typ 0,8dB)
> Gain: 30 dB+/-3 dB
> Image rejection: > 35 dB
> Supply voltage: 11,5-15,5 VDC (300 mA)
> Connectors: N-type, female
> Size: 75x150 mm excl. the mast clamp
> Mast clamp: 50 mm supplied (will accept up to 89 mm)
> 1820 SEK = $192 today
> Shipping is supposed to be "at cost", but I don't know what that might be.
> This one looks comparable with the DEM unit, but has a 10dB better
> gain.  Is anyone here familiar with Parabolic?
> --Mike, WQ5C

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