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Re: Re: Snow White, KK2L & Virius

This virus apparently sends itself to the originator of every message
received by the infected system.  I've seen it show up in several
places other than amsat-bb.


On Tue, Dec 26, 2000 at 11:52:20PM -0000, Michael P. Olbrisch wrote:
> Interesting... I too have received this virus several times, and I
> have my ISP checking on it.  They are trying to get an exact
> trace on it.  The attachement IS a virus.  McAffee grabs it every
> time, so I never get the infection.  But I also cannot look at it,
> McAffee won't do anything but delete it.
> Has anyone else on this list had this message come to them?
> Mike.
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> > Hi all off topic but I posted my 1st msg on AMSAT-BB 
> > yesterday, after being a lurker off and on for about 4 
> > yrs, and got a message called "Snow White  & the 
> > Seven Dwarfs the real story" from a "hahaha at sexyfun.net" 
> > with 2 attachments.  I assumed this to be very suspect 
> > and deleated it.  But before deleating it I had a look at it's 
> > properties and found that it came from a KK2L with an IP 
> > of  Not pointing the finger just a warning.
> > Way to go AO-40!!!
> > See-ya
> > Matt -VK2DAG-

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