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Re: ao-40 beacon?

>Is the 2-meter beacon operating at all?  I've tried a couple of times today
>and all I hear is SSB from AO-10.  It used to be S9 with a pre-amp and I
>don't hear it any more.  Thanks
>Kevin, WB5RUE

IIRC, the 2 meter TX isn't being used yet, since the command team 
had/has some suspicions that it may have contributed to the IHU 
crash.  I think they said they were going to stick with S-band until 
they get the full upload done and can count on COMMAND-ASSIST and 
some other failsafe functions.  Personally, I don't blame them a bit 
if this is true -- until the bird is in its final planned orbit and 
the panels are deployed and it is oriented right, I'd be using the 
safest uplink/downlink combination I could.  Just my $.02 ..

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