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AO-40 S2 middle beacon - report from Europe

 To all AO-40 fans,

The beacon could be heard on 2401.322 MHz +/- Doppler
in JN88DF (Vienna, Austria) for more than six hours continously.
Distance varied between 57000 and 7000km, but the squint-angle
was all the time  around 135+/-20°, just the antenna and
satellite backside only.
Signal was for most of the time buried in the noise, but 
during the last hour before LOS increased substantially:
15:00 UT  15000km   8 dB above noise, 2-3 dB spin modulation
15:35 UT   7000km  12 dB above noise, 4-5 dB spin modulation
15:36:40 UT   LOS    (consistent with latest NORAD elements)
Equipement: 1.2m dish, helical feed, preamp, IC-970

	Vy 73,  Viktor, OE1VKW
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