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PSK31 for Satellites Program

I placed a new version(2.09) of WinPSK(a PSK31 program) on my site
that has a much faster tracking AFC mode and also is full duplex. Your sound
card will have to support full duplex operation.  You will have a big
advantage over the HF guys because you will be able to "see" your own signal
and adjust your xmitter audio input for best IMD.  Can also do manual power
control by watching signal S/N.
In the "General Setup" menu, just check the Satellite mode box and that
should do it.  It seems to work up to about 20Hz/sec but is beginning to
loose some sensitivity at low S/N. That may be enough to work up into the
70cm band or so.  QPSK doesn't track well for some reason so only use BPSK
for now.
Let me know if this works at all since i don't have a satellite station and
could only simulate.
Best to contact me direct email ae4jy@qsl.net since i may not be monitoring
the amsat list much longer.

Good luck to the AO-40 team
Moe, ae4jy

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