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Re: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

At 10:41 PM 12/25/2000 , you wrote:
>Sometimes you really wonder what's going on in people's mind. I was just
>rereading one of the earlier postings by Peter Guelzow where he mentions the
>attempts by the command stations to reactivate AO-40. What really amazed me
>was his strength of character, goodwill and perseverance, while going
>through the frustrations of failed attempts having now also to deal with
>this person that has nothing else to do than trying to mislead everybody by
>sending 400 bps PSK through AO-10.

the "Silver lining" here is that AO-10 can NOT transmit on the 2.4g 
downlink therefore this hacker can not send false transmissions. If we hear 
a 2.4g beacon where AO-40 is thought to be, there are no other ham sats on 
that band to confuse anyone.


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