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Re: Oscar-Zero anyone?

mmmm.....  Great response.  I thought there was some discussion about "where
do we want to go from here" including discussion about piggybacks,
geosynchronous sats, picggybacks with midorbit sats (gps), small high orbit
sats etc and on lunar transponders.

To me while the discussion may have been sparked by the loss od AO-40 this
discussion is just as relevant whether AO-40 works or does not work.  It is
ALWAYS relevant to discuss the future direction of any organisation so
unless the people on the list think that AO-40 is the be all and end all and
last satellite we will ever need I would suggest that discussion on the
future direction of AMSAT is not only relevant but vital.  As such the post
did not deserve the response it was given.

Personally I would like to see a (relatively) large number [6 or so] of good
power geosynchronous satellites that would not only act as transponders
independently but would also transmit between each other giving world wide
communications.  Of course there would be a large expense involved as well
as the technical expertise building and putting these in orbit.  But it
would be something to be extremely proud of and worth working towards I

Then again, not that AO-40 is alive we should forget the future and
criticise those who make suggestions?

Michael Hart

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>Go away! AO-40 is back!!!
>Matt VK2DAG wrote:
>> How about something in a Lunar orbit?  A LLO sat!  No heat/cooling
>> See-ya
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>> Matt Hetherington
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