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Re: Santa Claus brought AO40 back!!!

Hi this is Yoshi.

At 2000/12/26 11:22:47 Ricardo Denis wrote:
> >The next thing is trying to upload IPS...
> what has ao-40 been running on all this time (ie what OS) if the onboard 
> system (ie IPS) crashed? firmware?

  Maybe this is the same thing that NOTHING is running on all
the times if the Windows98 crashed and freezed on my PC. :-)
If IPS crash, I think that mean "Nothing" running on. Only
the RESET COMMAND receiver can push the RESET-button of Sat
and only the Boot-loader will waiting for the next file upload.

  I pushed it on my PC already two times from this morning... :<

> i think there might just be a Santa Claus :-)

  Yeah, He ( or one of them ) made additional long trip this
season for us. Maybe after they finished to deliver all presents
for kids first, and then us second, so the present had come little
bit late. We Japanese were already at the next morning Hi!

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
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