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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Sometimes you really wonder what's going on in people's mind. I was just
rereading one of the earlier postings by Peter Guelzow where he mentions the
attempts by the command stations to reactivate AO-40. What really amazed me
was his strength of character, goodwill and perseverance, while going
through the frustrations of failed attempts having now also to deal with
this person that has nothing else to do than trying to mislead everybody by
sending 400 bps PSK through AO-10. I guess we can see the good, the bad and
the ugly all coming together in this situation. The good is the spirit and
attitude of those folks that spend countless hours to get the bird talking
again, to believe in the service they provide and to just love the hobby of
amateur radio. This makes be proud to participate and to support them. The
bad is/was the situation that all attempts seemed to fail (until down under
the bird was talking again). What's the ugly, I assume you guess it, someone
that for the sake of whatever is trying to sabotage these attempts. I truly
hope that AO-40 comes back to full operational status and if its only to
reward those that worked so hard for it. For that person with the fake
signals, he (or she) has to live with the thought that he is a truly sad
example of a fellow human being if he continues in his attempts. In the
spirit of Christmas and to move forward in the next year, let's be
supportive of each other and give acknowledgement where it belongs and
constructive criticism with a kind heart. It will make or brake our hobby.

Season greetings and all the best for the upcoming year to all of you.

73 de KC8NSA, DG1GWS

Stefan :-)

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