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AO40 is back: short update

Just a quick note, that the S2 beacon produced a steady signal
and from the doppler wobbling it is also clear that it is in fact
coming from AO-40.

Ian ZL1AOX reported that he was able to copy and observe (with Spectrogram) 
the S2 beacon. His LOS time was 2000 12 26 03:45:15.

Predicted LOS from NORAD set#12 keps gave 5 secs later. All visible trace of
the S2 beacon disappeared within 45 seconds of predicted LOS.
Approx distance was 61,470 Kms.

It seems that the output power of the S2 beacon is holding well.

In the past few hours, James and Stacey have re-coded and recompiled 
IPS so that it does not change our current Tx/Rx settings.  As before, 
this is a 15  block binary upload.  James has stripped the ground software 
that we ran in Orlando/Kourou down to two blocks, and Stacey updated the 
full flight software to take recent changes into account.

Tomorrow, 2000-12-26 at  about 16:05 UTC, ZL1AOX will acquire AO-40 shortly 
after perigee with a reasonably good squint angle.  He will than start
reloading the IPS software.  

Until than the beacon will not carry any telemetry, just a carrier.
Once the bootloader for IPS is up, you will see "X" blocks in the
telemetry until IPS is completely loaded...

What a wonderful day...

73s Peter DB2OS
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