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Hellscreiber and sats.

	Hi the board, merry season etc. to all, tried Hellschreiber on
AO-10 and FO-20 yesterday 24/12, liked the way you can select sat
operation and then receive your signal and tune for best decode.

Hit AO-10 about 2 hours before the end sent cq quite a few times, 145.850
got a reply from VE6EGN but could only copy a few words here and
there, could read all of mine most of the time [ I had a cw signal of 
5 / 7to9] ZL2VAL was the same, weak sig, poor copy, had a phone contact
to finish up, tough copy but made out OK.
  I stayed with AO-10 until it disappeared, was impressed how
easy it was to track my rx sig from the bird, tried setting FODTRACK up
with the freq for computer tuning of the 736 and it worked just great, right
to the end. 

	FO-20 was quite good copy and the frq tracking was good but needed
more adjustments towards the end, I just need a little ok on my understanding
that CW and Digital are ok down at 435.830 cos I got a couple of CQ calls
down there, I 've never heard phone down that far before.

	All in all I was pleased with my tests, hope to see some more activity
with keyboard qso's.

	Equipment  Yaesu FT736R, M² 12 el yagi and M² 22 el 70cm yagi
Mirage D1010 [was running abt 50 watts] Yaesu G-5400B rotator,
Computer 166 pentium, win95, Hellschreiber software, tracking and
freq tuning DX4-100 running the old IT when doppler was not bad,
  and for the frq control and tracking combined FODTRACK was just great.

	While I was tuning on AO-10 thought I heard AO-40 telemetry
switched tracking to AO-40 -- nothing - maybe someones idea of fun
sending an audio byte, oh well it takes all kinds.

73 Peter VE7AHX.

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