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Re: Rocket Ride

>From: "Gary \"Joe\" Mayfield" <gary_mayfield@hotmail.com>
>>I think this is a bad assumption.  ESA has been a good friend of the 
>community for a long time.  I hope that relationship will remain.  I don't
>know of any satelllite that we have "launched" from the shuttle


some minor nits.  Pansat was "launched" from the shuttle.  Its use on the 
ham bands has been dissapointing (like none) but it does carry a Hamsat 
designation.  I dont think that there have been any others except for a 
transponder on Spartan and of course the SAREX.

shuttle launches are bad for 1) the orbit (low) and 2) the cost.  I was 
going to get my doctorate program on the shuttle and the red tape, delays 
were great (and it was sponsored by a military organization) that we finally 
flew it on a military bird.  I dont think that ISS is going to fare any 
better....indeed one only has to look at the dollars it took to get whats 
there now there and one weeps.

I hope AO-40 is recovered...I think we will know by the new year.  I hope 
that the relationship with Ariane remains ALTHOUGH all the new US ELV's have 
a secondary payload arrangement and we ought to explore that.  In addition 
NAVSTAR's are going to thunder off regullaly and they do carry "ballast" 
which a small sat could go in.

If we dont get AO-40 back I predict dark days ahead for the hamsat 
community.  My guess is that the people who built it are exhausted both 
mentally and physically...its going to be hard to raise capital from the 
membership etc.

My guess is (and I've said this for a long time before the launch) is that 
we just went to big with this one.

Robert Oler WB5MZO
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