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Re: Antenna Questions

If any of you really want to know the answer, you should read the articles in
the last couple of QSTs about modeling antennas with NEC.  If you have
a good drawing of AO-10 or 13, you should be able to figure out how to
model their antennas in NEC and determine their patterns.  Possibly
somebody has already done this, and has a model lying around.


At 01:10 PM 12/25/00 , you wrote:

>As an experienced AO-10 and AO-13 user I understand from an
>operations point of view what happens as a practical end result.
>I guess what I am looking for are some gain measurement figures 
>at various angles.  Perhaps, some other effects like what hapens 
>to the incidental energy that may be produced from the sides of the 
>CP antenna with respect to the reflecting surface (not the main lobe).

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