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Re: Oscar-Zero anyone?

>From: "Edward R. Cole" <al7eb@ptialaska.net>
>To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org


there have been three attempts in my lifetime that I know about to put a 
"something" amateur radio on the Moon.  The first was a rather serious 
attempt (there was hardware) when I was a child by a group of guys who were 
also TI/TRW engineers to fly something on Apollo 19  there was no Apollo 19 
of course (its booster is sitting on its side near my house) but they were 
making progress.  I (as a child) went to church with one of the guys (and he 
got me interested in Ham radio) so I know that this was "going".  Indeed I 
have some of the hardware here at the house.

It wouldnt have been "Much" it mostly would have redone Oscar IV's 
transponder.  I've talked to some "old hands" at NASA and they claim (and 
the person who I talked to is a name most would recognize) it was going to 
fly.  Sigh.

Another shot was made during the Clementine mission.  OK not on the Moon but 
it would have orbited the Moon until they crashed Clementine into the 
surface.  Lunar orbits as you might know are not stable so when yourun out 
of fuel you end mission (some exceptions to this are the LaGrange points now 
that would be an "orbit"...to bad Goresat will likely die...I know some 
folks trying to get one on Goresat...aka Triana).

I have heard but have no first hand knowledge of folks who are trying to 
interest LunaCorp (through radio shack) in flying one on their private lunar 
mission.  I dont think that this one will happen but its fun to think about. 
  the biggest problem is path loss.  There are some other problems about 
libration but those are not as severe as one thinks.

One day once we get a real president (dreadful partisanship here) in 04 and 
can really change space policy I hope to have a pretty wide band transponder 
at my home on the Moon (grin).

Robert Oler WB5MZO
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