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Re: AO-40 and the Season

Jim Sanford wrote:
> Ladies and Gentlemen:
> I've been monitoring all the speculation, brainstorming, and occasional
> criticism of the AO-40 Command Team in our current apprehensive
> situation.
> These folks are sweating bullets over losing 10 years of their LIVES and
> more than a few dollars of world wide investment and trust if things
> aren't recovered.  I'm sure they're not sleeping well, if at all.  I,
> too, would like to know more about what's going on, but recognize that
> they have their hands full.
> To the command team:  I admire, respect, and THANK you for what you're
> doing.  Stay with it, but take some time tomorrow to enjoy your family.
> Please pass along my thanks to them for their sacrifice in allowing you
> few folks to do so much for so many of us.  Good luck with the bird, but
> enjoy the day.
Much snipping '

Excellent post , couldn't agree more Jim , I can only hope that in all their
hard work that they don't get burnt out , I really do admire and appreciate
their hard work and I want to especially thank AMSAT-DL for all their hard
efforts and input , they in my observations seem to have given the lions share
to this project and I thank them for that .

To all who are reading I hope you can all have a safe holiday season and enjoy
your time with those you hold dear , for all the ups and downs I feel we have a
great bunch on this list and those that have given so much time for amsat ,
thanks to all !!


Douglas Cole   N7BFS
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