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Santa ..

Heck, I've been bugging Santa for an FT-817 since they first hit the 
stores .. and as I say from time to time, donations are always 
welcome.  I could probably do without the "big rig" HF radios (with 
the possible exception of the IC-756PRO) but the FT-817 just does too 
many insanely useful things for me to pass it up.  Santa has probably 
gotten tired of hearing about the expensive radios I want .. ;-)

And as for CB, I used to have a callsign, and then a handle after 
callsigns fell out of fashion, and prided myself on clean signals. 
Neither of my AM 11-meter rigs has ever been used to transmit four 
letter words, or echo, or porno-movie sound effects, or +10dB audio, 
and my radios are unmodified factory originals that transmit full 
legal power.  Needless to say, since I tried in vain to get fellow 
CB'ers to hold to some semblance of civilized behavior, I wasn't 
popular on 11 meters, and so now I operate on 10 instead.  ;-)  And 
6, 2, 440, and 1.2 FM ..  (some of the CB'ers operate on 10 too, but 
at least I'm legal..)

>The SB-303 covers these freqs, 80, 40, 20,15, and 10 Meters. There 
>is lot of lould nouses and heterdaines, and the nosees can be S9 + 
>10 over 9, nice if you are talking to the South Pole, but not if it 
>is the receiver that is doing it.  I have a smale dipole, and a very 
>old computer.  Just wish I could get SAnta Cluse To get me a FT-920 
>rig.  PLEASE!!!!  EAry Someone gave me lot of info about RS-13 
>overdose on it.  NO NO NO NO.  I just wonder if anyone might have a 
>old rig that they could lound me.  James, or Frank  Just to let you 
>and others know, I was a good CBer.  Did not use a amp, never use 
>four letter words, and never over modulated my CB rig.  Did chew the 
>fat some what.  And I become a ham. It lefted me up, so much fun, 
>and now there is not!!!!  There are more things I couldd tell u 
>Hope your Xmas is better than miand.

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