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Oscar-Zero anyone?

Huh!  What's that you say!

Here's a blue-sky satellite proposal for you.

The next time NASA sends someone to the moon, lets send up a transponder
package [satellite pkg with no rocket motor] to be set on the earth facing
side of the moon.  Only 250,000 miles away and fairly easy to track.  Half
the planet can see it at a time.  A high gain antenna pointed at earth will
take care of the extra space loss which is about 12 dB more than AO-40 at
current perigee.

And since eme'rs already refer to moonbounce as working Oscar-Zero...Well
it is kind of a "spacey" idea.

If it were part of a Moon Base, then maybe it would serve dual duty as a
morale booster like ARISS is for ISS.  Or rent out some telemetry time for
somebody's experiment.  We'd certainly would have no problem with keps ;-)

What you bet in 25-30 years there will be moon-based commercial broadcast
stations and phone service!  Of course the comms may be laser-based.

oops!  I hear jingle bells and something landed on my roof.  Quick, off
with lights!
Merry Christmas everyone.

Hope its not the swat team ;-)

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