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Re: Another view

Hello betty!

23 Dec 00 11:03, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

 bb>      Have you ever built a 70cm cross yagi for the high orbit birds?
 bb> It's not that difficult as you might think. materials are very
 bb> inexpensive. I can give you and others many tips to ease the pain,
 bb> actually make it fun when everyone else asks where you got that killer
 bb> yagi from.

I have built my share of antennas for terrestrial use, when I was able to do
so, so antenna construction isn't foreign to me.  Unfortunately, all my
creations have lived in sheds the last 6 years. :-(

 bb>      The AO-10 class stations need not be out of reach just because
 bb> you lack the information to reach that goal.. there are plenty of us
 bb> out here .. fire away !! pick our brains.. lots of talent out
 bb> here.. jim kd4hur

All nice, but the whole issue is having somewhere to put those antennas.

Tony, VK3JED

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